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Inherit the Wind Act 1, Scene 2

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Act 1, Scene 2

  • Now we're inside the courtroom, and it's time to select the jury.
  • A town lawyer by the name of Davenport and Mr. Drummond select the jury. Drummond accepts people who have never heard of evolution, of course.
  • These lawyers are obviously trying to stack the jury in their favor.
  • Brady asks if everyone can take off their coats because it's hotter than blue blazes in the courtroom, and the judge agrees. Everyone cuts loose.
  • Obviously, the fact that this is Casual Trial Friday adds to the carnival-like atmosphere of this whole trial.
  • Drummond refuses to accept someone for the jury who says he believes in the Bible, and in Matthew Brady.
  • Then Drummond gets all angry because everyone is calling Brady "Colonel." As it turns, out they made him an honorary colonel the day he got to town.
  • So to make Drummond feel special too, the judge declares him a colonel as well. (These two are worse than squabbling siblings.)
  • After some more bickering, the rest of the jury is selected.
  • Near the end of the scene, the judge announces that there will be a prayer meeting.
  • Drummond objects because he thinks it's unfair to give publicity to one of the sides in the case and not the other.
  • The judge is all, "simmer down now," and rejects his pleas.
  • Rachel asks Drummond to give up on prosecuting her wannabe boyfriend.
  • Bert is scared, and Drummond tells him he should be. Ooh.
  • Bert decides to stick with the case, of course, and Rachel gets increasingly anxious. Girl's got good reason, too: Brady wants her to testify against Bert.
  • Conflict of interest, much?

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