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Inherit the Wind Act 2, Scene 1

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Act 2, Scene 1

  • Workers set up for the prayer meeting while Brady talks to Hornbeck and other reporters.
  • Brady says that Drummond used to work on his campaigns.
  • Now, however, Drummond is challenging people's faith, so Brady says he must go against his old pal.
  • Arch-nemeses always start out as the closest of friends, you know.
  • Anyway, the prayer meeting starts and people get really riled up, especially the Reverend. He prays that god will destroy Bert.
  • Rachel begs her father not to pray for such a thing.
  • He asks that she be cursed too, because she is defending a sinner.
  • We did not see that coming. Yikes.
  • Brady puts a stop to the hellfire talk by saying that "He that troubleth his own house…shall inherit the wind" (II, I, 177-78).
  • This is a bible quote. What do you think it means, and why was this quote chosen for the play's title, hmm?
  • Drummond says that he isn't the one who moved away from Brady.
  • No, he says, Brady was the one who stood still and brought distance to their relationship.
  • These two are starting to sound more like ex-lovers than siblings.

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