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Inkheart Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

A Stranger in the Night

  • Meggie is having trouble sleeping one night—and suddenly she notices a stranger standing outside her window in the rain.
  • She goes to tell her dad, Mo, and he looks at who it is and tells her to go to bed.
  • Mo calls the man by the name Dustfinger, and Dustfinger addresses him as Silvertongue (which Meggie—as she spies on them—finds strange).
  • Mo catches Meggie and once again tells her to go to bed… but instead she just listens in on their conversation inside her dad's workshop.
  • This strange dude, Dustfinger, says that "he"—whoever that refers to—is on Mo's trail, and Mo says he'll figure something out tomorrow.
  • Meggie creeps back to bed, but Mo feels her cold feet and knows that she's been spying. She says that she didn't really overhear much, though she wonders what kinds of names "Dustfinger" and "Silvertongue" are.

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