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Inkheart Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Going Farther South

  • Meggie, Elinor, and Dustfinger look at a map in the morning. Capricorn's village is about three hundred kilometers south, in Liguria.
  • As they talk about locations and stuff, Meggie remembers that when Dustfinger first came to them, he'd told Mo that Capricorn was in the north—which means he'd tricked Mo into fleeing south, putting him closer to Capricorn's headquarters. For shame.
  • Dustfinger defends himself by saying that Capricorn has two main hideouts, one in the north and one in the south, and that this time of year, Capricorn is usually in the north, so how was Dustfinger supposed to know that Capricorn was actually in the south?
  • The more they talk about Capricorn, the more Meggie feels a sense of dread. Finally Dustfinger clams up and refuses to say any more on the topic.
  • They pack some provisions in Elinor's car and set off; Dustfinger will give directions since he knows where they're going (but he can't drive).
  • Elinor brings along the book, though she cautions Meggie not to let Dustfinger see it. But Meggie has decided to trust Dustfinger, since nobody else can lead her to Mo.

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