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Inkheart Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Capricorn's Village

  • They drive all day, and finally reach the sea. They pass through some small towns, and then into the hills.
  • When they reach a metal barrier, Elinor thinks they've taken a wrong turn, but Dustfinger says they're still on the right track, then he moves the barrier so they can drive into Capricorn's village.
  • Dustfinger gets out of the car to begin talking, and then Basta is ushering Meggie and Elinor out of the car—Basta's not a big dude, but he's scary.
  • Meggie wants to trade the book for her father, so they bring it when Basta walks them into the village (which is not well lit and in bad condition). He leads them to a big, well-lit house.

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