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Inkheart Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

A Mission Accomplished

  • Inside the house, Meggie finally gets to see Capricorn. He is a pale, colorless man. Dustfinger explains to him how the books got switched.
  • Capricorn steps close to Meggie to examine her, and he grips her arm uncomfortably. Elinor speaks up to tell Capricorn that they want to trade the book for Meggie's father.
  • Looking at Dustfinger, Capricorn asks why he brought the woman along—he'd only asked for the girl and the book—and Meggie realizes that Dustfinger has been working for Capricorn all along.
  • Basta takes the book from Meggie, and Capricorn tells Basta to lock them up.
  • Meggie starts shouting, asking where her father is and what Capricorn wants with him. Capricorn explains that her father has a talent—and that Meggie's presence will persuade him to use it.
  • Basta escorts Meggie and Elinor out at gunpoint.

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