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Inkheart Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Treasure Island

  • Meggie holds on to Mo as he begins to read. Most of the people around them look nervous—who knows who might vanish into the story if someone or something comes out of it?
  • Mo reads a section of Treasure Island, and suddenly gold coins spill into the room. There's a bright green lizard, too, that runs away before Basta can skewer it on his knife.
  • Capricorn's men pick up most of the gold, and Capricorn orders Mo to read from the next book: Tales from the Thousand and One Nights. But there's no gold this time, just a boy in a turban who is a few years older than Meggie.
  • Capricorn orders Mo to stop reading, and they seize the boy. One of Capricorn's men, Fulvio, has disappeared, and that makes Basta unhappy—Capricorn orders Mo to start reading again anyway, but he refuses, saying he's tired.
  • And now for a surprise: Capricorn holds up the one remaining copy of Inkheart, saying he has big plans for Mo. And Meggie, Mo, and Elinor are escorted back to their prison.

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