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Inkheart Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Gloomy Prospects

  • The prisoners are fed, and then Basta escorts in an old lady (Mortola, a.k.a. the Magpie) who's bringing Mo tea to soothe his throat.
  • Basta reveals that the boy is being held next door and that they'll give him a trial the next day to see if he fits in with Capricorn's hooligans; then Basta makes some more threats and leaves.
  • Meggie asks Mo to tell a story, and he does: a made-up one. Nothing ever comes out of his made-out stories, though, so this is safe—it's only paper-and-ink stories that are potentially dangerous.
  • They're awakened by the sound of someone at the door: Dustfinger is picking their lock. He's there to spring them, but Mo agrees to come only if they bring along the boy, too.
  • At first the boy doesn't respond when Meggie tells him to come along for his own good, and then he says that everyone around him must be devils or demons. Mo points out that the people keeping him hostage will kill them if they see them out of their prisons.
  • Dustfinger stole Basta's keys and knife, and Elinor's car key is with them, so they all hop in her car and drive away.
  • The boy identifies himself as Farid. According to him, all this is a dream. Meggie begins to wish that she could read people out of stories too, and instantly feels guilty.
  • It's smooth sailing… until they realize Capricorn's men are in pursuit.

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