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Inkheart Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


  • Mo wakes Meggie up at dawn, saying they have to leave. Turns out her dad's already got some suitcases packed, and they'll be visiting Meggie's mother's aunt Elinor in Italy (meaning they're already in Europe somewhere).
  • Before leaving, Meggie packs a box of her favorite books, which she usually travels with, grabbing kid books as well as classics like The Odyssey.
  • Meggie reflects on how her dad has never read out loud to her, no matter how much she's begged, even though they both adore books. She looks for her dad inside a storage room, and finds him holding a strange book that he immediately hides from her. Huh.
  • They pack their van full of things and get in to leave—only to find Dustfinger waiting for them at the gate.

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