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Inkheart Chapter 21

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Chapter 21


  • Toward dawn, they find an old, broken-down house. Elinor and Meggie go inside to sleep, but Meggie can't sleep, so she goes back outside where Mo is keeping watch.
  • She falls asleep, and awakens to the sound of dogs and men's voices. It's Basta and Flatnose. They grumble about having to track the runaways, but then one of the dogs starts tugging on the leash.
  • They see Gwin, and while the men are distracted, Mo rushes out and grabs Basta, trying to get the gun from him. The dogs leap up to get Mo, but Dustfinger grabs their collars first.
  • Turns out the dogs like Dustfinger, since they start licking his face.
  • Flatnose aims his gun at Dustfinger, telling him to let the dogs go. So Dustfinger does… and then Farid throws a stone at Flatnose's head and knocks him out.
  • One of the dogs bites Mo on the arm, and Basta gets the shotgun from him—right then, Elinor grabs up Flatnose's gun and aims it at Basta.
  • They tie up Basta and Flatnose, leaving them inside the house, then they let the dogs run away and Dustfinger cuts the good-luck charm from Basta's throat.
  • Then it's back to walking, until finally they reach a town.

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