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Inkheart Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

In Safety

  • Elinor looks all dirty and disheveled, but she makes her way into a bank and emerges victorious. She pays for breakfast for everyone. After they all eat, Dustfinger and Farid disappear.
  • Sweet deal: Elinor checks Mo and Meggie into a nice hotel with her, and they also buy some new clothes. Chillaxing ensues.
  • After two days, Elinor says that she's going home. Before leaving though, she gives Mo the address of a dude named Fenoglio, who's the author of Inkheart.
  • Meggie has a bad feeling about this, and she begs Mo to leave with Elinor so they can go back to her place. Mo says they'll do it soon—but he needs to make this visit first.

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