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Inkheart Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

A Night Full of Words

  • Elinor hasn't left quite yet, and she returns with a goodbye present for Meggie: a book of poems and another book to read for fun.
  • Mo and Meggie have a quiet day, and then when they're out to eat later, they see Dustfinger and Farid entertaining a crowd.
  • Dustfinger juggles and breathes fire while Farid collects the money. Mo talks to Dustfinger about whether Basta will be after them, but Dustfinger reminds Mo that he has to make a living.
  • Mo tells Dustfinger about his errand, and Dustfinger insists on coming along. He doesn't want to meet the author of Inkheart (in fact, he makes Mo promise not to tell him about Dustfinger), but he does want to know that the copy of the book exists. Mo agrees.
  • That night Meggie asks Mo to read to her, and he reads from the book of poems. Words fly out of the book and make a wall, so that no nightmares get through.

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