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Inkheart Chapter 24

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Chapter 24


  • Dustfinger and Farid drive with Mo and Meggie for the hour-ish it takes to reach the village where Fenoglio lives.
  • Fenoglio is an old dude, maybe mid-sixties, and when they arrive his grandkids are running around his house. Mo asks if he has any copies of Inkheart. Fenoglio doesn't—they were all stolen. Mo's not surprised.
  • Fenoglio invites them in and insists on hearing the rest of the story from Mo. Mo says he'd promised Dustfinger to leave him out, and Fenoglio starts reminiscing about this character he'd written named Dustfinger… and his tragic death in the book. Whoops.
  • Actually Fenoglio is really proud of the characters he wrote, especially Basta and Capricorn, because they're such evil dudes.
  • Mo asks if Fenoglio wants to meet them, and Fenoglio says of course not, so then Mo lets him know that he has.

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