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Inkheart Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Shivers Down the Spine and a Foreboding

  • Dustfinger sees Mo coming back with a guilty look on his face, and right away he guesses that Mo told Fenoglio about him.
  • Meggie, also feeling guilty, spills the beans about how Dustfinger dies in the book: one of Capricorn's men wants to kill Gwin, and Dustfinger tries to help the marten, so the man kills Dustfinger instead.
  • An old man who'd been playing with three children comes over and starts talking to Dustfinger. Immediately Dustfinger feels uneasy—something about the old guy creeps him out—so he cuts and runs. Farid follows him, and Dustfinger tells him to go away, since he just plans on going back to the village where Capricorn is.
  • Farid says he'll come along, and he wants Dustfinger to teach him about fire.

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