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Inkheart Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Going South

  • Dustfinger asks where Mo is off to in such a hurry; apparently the last time Mo left, it took Dustfinger four years to track him down.
  • Mo says he's leaving for the same reason as last time, then Dustfinger asks for a lift, saying he doesn't want to face Capricorn's men.
  • Curious, Meggie asks who Capricorn is, and Dustfinger is shocked that Mo hasn't told her yet. Mo explains that it's too dangerous for her to know.
  • Dustfinger tells Meggie that Capricorn likes watching people suffer, and that Mo has something Capricorn wants. Oh goodie.
  • Before they leave, Dustfinger introduces Meggie to an animal he gets out of his backpack, a little furry critter that Meggie identifies as a marten. Except it has horns.
  • As they're driving, Meggie asks Mo what Capricorn wants from him. The answer is surprisingly simple: a book.

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