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Inkheart Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

Talkative Pippo

  • Elinor calls Fenoglio's house and tells Mo about her books (sob); she also tells Mo that she's flying into Fenoglio's town, because she wants to make a police report about Capricorn.
  • So Mo goes to pick up Elinor from the airport, leaving Meggie with Fenoglio.
  • Meggie goes to the apartment she's been sharing with her dad, and then she hears one of Fenoglio's grandkids, Pippo, calling her. She opens the door—and sees Basta. Egads.
  • Basta has the poor kid by the neck, and he wants to know where Mo is—Meggie quickly comes up with a lie, and says he's gone out shopping.
  • Pippo has been talking, though, and so Basta knows about how his grandfather has a lot of books, and how Mo has been visiting him. So they pay a visit to Fenoglio.
  • Flatnose starts looking for the book while Basta interrogates Fenoglio; he doesn't believe that Fenoglio's the author of the book, or that there aren't any copies of the book there.
  • Fenoglio starts telling Basta about himself—but that just irritates Basta. Meggie quickly makes up a lie, saying that Basta shouldn't kill Fenoglio because that'll kill Capricorn and all the rest of the people from the book.
  • Time for a change of plans: Though Basta was sent to fetch Mo, he decides to bring Meggie and Fenoglio back with him instead. And off they go.

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