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Inkheart Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

Back Again

  • Needless to say, Meggie is not thrilled to be back in Capricorn's village. Fenoglio, on the other hand, keeps looking around and comparing what he's seeing to what's in his book.
  • But it turns out that Capricorn's not there, and he's left his housekeeper, Mortola, in charge. She and Basta snipe at each other, and then Basta locks Meggie and Fenoglio in the shed where Farid was imprisoned earlier.
  • While Fenoglio and Meggie talk, he reveals that Mortola is actually Capricorn's mother—but no one's supposed to know that, so Meggie agrees to keep it to herself.
  • They also talk about Capricorn's latest plan to summon "an old friend" out of the book using Mo's powers—and when Fenoglio realizes who it is, he becomes very quiet… we're thinking he becomes too quiet.
  • And so they keep waiting for Capricorn to return.

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