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Inkheart Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Capricorn's Maid

  • Dustfinger and Farid sneak into the village at night, and Dustfinger leads Farid to a window where he makes animal noises until a woman leans out. He introduces her to Farid as Resa, one of Capricorn's maids—she can't talk, so she writes on a piece of paper to Dustfinger.
  • Dustfinger asks her to look for the one copy of the book that Capricorn still has, and she writes that she'll try; then she asks about who Silvertongue is, and Dustfinger is vague.
  • Mortola opens a window higher up in order to get some air, and everyone freezes. She doesn't seem to see them, though. Phew.
  • Dustfinger promises to come back the next night, and he and Farid sneak back out of the village. Farid remarks that Resa looks like Meggie, but Dustfinger dismisses it as nonsense.

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