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Inkheart Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

  • Capricorn has Meggie and Fenoglio brought to the church; he seems amused that Fenoglio is his creator.
  • Fenoglio offers to prove that he's the author, by telling everyone about Capricorn's parents, but Capricorn tells Fenoglio to say it softly enough that only Capricorn can hear it—as is her way, Meggie sticks close in order to listen in, and so she hears that Capricorn was born to low-class parents.
  • His dad was abusive, and his mom only told him to become stronger. Capricorn acts like he doesn't believe it, but he says he'll keep Fenoglio around a little longer—and if Fenoglio causes any trouble, his grandkids will suffer.

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