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Inkheart Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

The Punishment for Traitors

  • Basta shows Tinker Bell to Capricorn, and says that Meggie read her out of the book.
  • Then Capricorn draws Meggie's attention to some nets hung from the ceiling. Tangled in the nets are two people: Dustfinger and a woman who Meggie doesn't know.
  • Capricorn says he'd originally wanted Meggie brought so that Dustfinger could be persuaded to reveal where Silvertongue (Mo) is, but now that Meggie's a reader too, they don't need him anymore.
  • Also, Capricorn is bummed that Resa has betrayed him, so she has to die too; Capricorn plans to execute Resa and Dustfinger the following evening. He'll have Meggie read an executioner out of the book just for the occasion.
  • Meggie is supposed to have a trial run of her powers first, though, to make sure that the fairy wasn't a fluke. This should be fun…

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