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Inkheart Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

A House Full of Books

  • They reach Elinor's house, which is a huge mansion behind a big gate, surrounded by woods. It doesn't look very welcoming.
  • Knock knock—Elinor meets them at the door. She's older than Mo, with gray hair and a fierce expression, and she doesn't seem happy that Meggie and Dustfinger are there.
  • The whole house is filled with books. No really—there are shelves lining every wall. Elinor lectures Meggie about which books she's allowed to touch and which she isn't.
  • The library is magnificent, with ladders to help reach the bookshelves that go all the way up to the ceiling. Illuminated manuscripts are carefully preserved in glass cases, and Meggie and Elinor discuss the books, some of which are hundreds of years old.
  • Mo gets to work on some of the books that need repair. They all eat, and then Meggie tries to figure out if Mo is giving Elinor the mysterious book he'd tried to hide from her.
  • Meggie hides in a room near the library, but Dustfinger finds her there and tells her that Capricorn will kill her father to get that book, so they need to find out what Mo and Elinor are up to with it. And then Dustfinger pushes Meggie into the library so she can do just that. D'oh.

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