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Inkheart Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

Telling Lies to Basta

  • Basta brings the tin soldier back to Meggie. Fenoglio cuts a deal with Basta: in exchange for some paper and pens (because he's bored), he'll help Basta get the keys back from Mortola by putting a curse on her. Dun dun dun…
  • Our knife-loving friend agrees to it, but because he can't read, he says he'll get one of the maids to read what Fenoglio writes as a way of checking on him. Fenoglio scribbles in some arcane symbols, rips up the paper, and tells Basta to scatter it systematically in Mortola's living quarters.
  • The "spell" will take effect in three days… but later Meggie asks what Fenoglio plans to do since it won't work. Hopefully they'll have figured something else out by then.

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