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Inkheart Chapter 47

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Chapter 47


  • Elinor stays behind while Mo and Farid go into the village at night; she hears shots, and begins worrying that they've been killed. Not sure what else to do, Elinor begins to make her way toward the village, even though she's unarmed.
  • Luckily Mo catches up with Elinor before she can try to get in. He and Farid are fine: what happened is that Cockerell was on guard duty by Meggie's room, and he recognized Mo and raised the alarm.
  • So it's back to Plan B: start a giant fire, hope it's enough of a distraction to get Meggie out. Mo is determined to rescue Meggie, no matter the cost.
  • Elinor thinks the fire will go poorly, so she waits til Mo and Farid are asleep, returns to her car, and drives to the nearest village, hoping to find a police station.

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