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Inkheart Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

No Luck for Elinor

  • Elinor drives until she finds a town big enough to have a police station. Of the two officers she tells her story to, one mocks her and the other takes her seriously.
  • The one who takes her seriously offers to drive with her to check it out, but as they approach the gate to Capricorn's village, Elinor realizes that something is wrong. What can one policeman do against all of Capricorn's men?
  • Once they get inside, the cop goes straight to Capricorn, saying that Elinor has been telling lies about him. After the cop leaves, Capricorn explains that he's particularly easy to control because he has three small kids.
  • Before Capricorn has Elinor hauled off to the crypt, he asks her where Silvertongue is—she lies and says he and the boy were shot, and that she's buried them both.
  • Basta's still locked in the crypt, and it seems like he'll be executed now too (for letting so many prisoners escape).
  • Elinor gets locked in the cell with Resa, whom she hasn't actually met before, though she recognizes her favorite niece immediately.

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