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Inkheart Chapter 54

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Chapter 54

  • Mo and Farid decide to start the fire next to Capricorn's house—hopefully that way it won't spread to the hills immediately if it gets out of hand.
  • They spot Mortola leading Meggie out of the house (since that's where she's being kept captive), and then they approach the guard on duty, pretending to be other guards who need to fetch something for Capricorn. They knock the dude out then start their blaze.
  • But then there's this: while Mo is looking through Dustfinger's bag (which Farid kept) for matches, he finds a photograph that Dustfinger has kept. It's a picture of Resa. Farid mentions that she's one of Capricorn's maids, and that Dustfinger is in love with her. Because that's not weird at all…

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