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Inkheart Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

Going Home

  • The next morning, Mo figures out that Dustfinger took the book—after all, Farid is gone too.
  • They manage to find a phone and call a taxi, and Elinor and Mo come back from the nearest town with two rented buses. Elinor offers to let all the critters from the book live with her, though only the magical creatures (fairies, trolls, glass men) take her up on it (the humans resurrected from the Shadow stay in the village to live there). Darius comes too.
  • The plan is for Mo, Meggie, and Teresa to stop by Elinor's place temporarily, but Meggie realizes she's been homesick for it more than for the farmhouse where she and Mo had been living.
  • So Meggie, Teresa, and Mo begin living with Elinor. Mo and Darius help Elinor build her book collection back up, and Teresa writes down many stories of her time in the Inkheart world for Meggie to read.
  • Meggie decides that she will learn to write her own stories, so that she can read aloud without fear someday. And writing is its own kind of magic.

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