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Inkheart Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Fire and Stars

  • Over their next meal, Elinor tells everyone that candles are forbidden indoors. Dustfinger shows off by putting a lit match in his mouth to extinguish it, and then he requests that Elinor not set her burglar alarm that night so he can give Meggie a show.
  • That night Meggie goes to find Elinor so that she can turn off the alarm in time for the show. They talk about books, and Elinor compares Meggie to her mother, whom Elinor knew really well.
  • When Meggie goes outside, she finds Dustfinger surrounded by torches in the darkness. He breathes fire, swallows fire, and juggles lit torches… But something is wrong.
  • Meggie runs back to the house, and Elinor pulls her inside her bedroom. They can hear men's voices in the library, and someone interrogates Mo about the book. They say they want to take his daughter, too, but Mo says his daughter stays, or else he won't fetch the book.
  • The men take Mo and the book, and they leave.
  • Meggie runs outside, and catches the headlights of the car as it disappears into the night. Her father is gone.

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