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Inkheart Pride

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Maybe as one of the seven deadly sins, pride isn't something you want to endorse, but a lot of the characters in Inkheart engage in it pretty frequently. From Fenoglio's pride over his literary creations to Basta's pride at being the tough guy that he is, we see characters building themselves up with arroganceā€¦ and leaving themselves open to attacks on those fronts, too. You know how Elinor is super proud of her book collection? Yeah, that leaves her vulnerable. And remember how Capricorn is proud of being numero uno? It doesn't even occur to him that someone might try to take him down (and actually succeed).

Even Meggie has bouts of over-confidence, where she's sure that she's much more capable than adults give her credit for. It seems to us that pride is like high fructose corn syrup: a little is plenty for you, and any more than that can be dangerous.

Questions About Pride

  1. Who seems more arrogant, Basta or Capricorn? Why?
  2. Does Mo seem proud of his ability to read characters out of books? Why or why not?
  3. Why do you think Elinor is so proud of her book collection?
  4. What is Meggie most proud of in her life?

Chew on This

Every character in Inkheart takes pride in something; even Dustfinger is proud of his fire-manipulating abilities.

Basta's pride is his downfall, but this is only the most extreme example of how everyone in Inkheart is made vulnerable by their pride.

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