Study Guide

Edward in Insurgent

By Veronica Roth

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He's Got His Eye on You

You might remember Edward from Divergent. We described him and his friend Myra as two people who "aren't all that interesting."

So, okay, you might not remember Edward from Divergent. The most interesting thing about him is the totally lame way he lost his eye: Peter stabbed it out with a butter knife. A butter knife. We'd change that to "machete" when bragging about our eye patch in a bar.

Don't remember Edward? You probably still won't after reading Insurgent. He ends up on the Evelyn/Tobias side of the conflict, and gets into a fight with Christina and Tris who are on the Marcus side of things. Christina shoots him in the side, but he survives. At least she shot him with an actual gun and not a Nerf pistol or something. He doesn't need any more embarrassing wounds.

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