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Evelyn Johnson, née Eaton in Insurgent

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Evelyn Johnson, née Eaton

Darth Johnson

Evelyn is Tobias's mother and the leader of the factionless. Yes, it's shocking that a group of people who are supposed to be scattered and disorganized have a leader. And by "shocking" we mean "completely obvious to anyone who isn't Tris," who cannot believe that "The factionless, who are supposed to be scattered, isolated, and without community… are together inside it. Are together, like a faction" (8.60).

We will give Evelyn props for leading the factionless because leading the factions seems so easy in comparison. Want to lead the Dauntless? Smash through walls and kill people in a rage. Want to lead the Candor? Talk to people without any sort of tact or humor, like a 24-hour news anchor. Evelyn has to lead people who are actually capable of thinking for themselves (to an extent). That's an achievement.

So again, it should only be surprising to Tris (who, despite being so perceptive, never sees the obvious plot twists coming) that Evelyn takes charge in the end. What's not so obvious are her motivations. Does she have the future of the city in mind, or does she only want more power? Does she care for her son, or is she manipulating Tobias for her own personal gain? She's no Darth Vader, lopping off Tobias's hand and dropping him down a shaft, but she's still a parental figure of nebulous moral character.

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