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Marcus Eaton in Insurgent

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Marcus Eaton

Daddy Issues

Marcus is Tobias's father. He has a plan to change the city, and he spends most of his time keeping that plan from Tris—who doesn't care, because she hates Marcus. Well, she hates him until he finally does reveal his plan to her, anyway. After that, she decides to betray Tobias and align with Marcus.

Telling your boyfriend that you chose his dad over him… never an easy thing to do, folks.

Marcus and Tobias's relationship is… strained, at best. We can't say we have much sympathy for Marcus: he abused Tobias both emotionally and physically, so everything that happens to him in Insurgent—like getting the snot beaten out of him by his own son in the middle of a cafeteria—feels like bad karma finally coming back to get him.

Although Marcus ends up being right in the end (as much as we hate to admit it), is it fair that he put his son in a situation in which he has to choose between his mother and father? We find it hard to believe that these two will have a happy reunion in the next book.

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