Study Guide

Insurgent Chapter 1

By Veronica Roth

Chapter 1

  • Things hit the ground running an hour after the end of Divergent.
  • Okay, they actually hit the ground sleeping… Tris wakes up from a dream in which she replays that time she shot and killed Will.
  • Tris, Peter, Marcus, Caleb, and Tobias (or "Four," if you're nasty) jump off a moving train and walk toward Amity headquarters. Where is it? Amityville? Will there be horrors there?
  • Yeah, there kind of are. The Amity Representative, Johanna Reyes, has a thick scar across her face. We wouldn't judge, but Tris sure does: "She would have been a beautiful woman if not for that scar" (1.33).
  • An Amity nurse gives Tris a salve for her shoulder and takes Peter, who has a bullet wound, to the hospital ward.
  • Tris sees a lot of her old friends and neighbors, like Susan, in the cafeteria.
  • An Abnegation gives Tris a pink drink and says it will help her sleep a dreamless sleep. Naturally, Tris says, "Thank you, but no." Oh, wait. She totally doesn't.
  • Tris drinks the pink drink. The last thing she remembers before falling asleep is someone leading her to a bedroom. (Stranger danger, Tris. Stranger danger.)

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