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Insurgent Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • It's time for the most boring shower scene in literature ever.
  • Susan holds up a towel while Tris modestly bathes herself. ("We could never be extras on Orange is the New Black.") Then Tris does the same for Susan.
  • After bath time, Tris goes to talk to Evelyn, who reveals that Tris's dad was born in Erudite before becoming Abnegation. Also, he used to play with Jeanine when they were children.
  • Tris can't believe it. What else can her dad be keeping from her?
  • Tris snaps at Evelyn for trying to use Tobias, then she walks away.
  • Tris ends up sitting next to Caleb on the floor and eating peanut butter with her fingers. (Um, weren't you concerned about germs just a chapter ago?)
  • Tris declares that she's going to Candor headquarters to figure out what's going on. Then she double dips in the peanut butter jar.
  • The Candor headquarters is known as the "Merciless Mart" (10.64). So… it's in an old Wal-Mart?
  • Tris and Tobias walk in and… surprising no one… they are arrested upon arrival.

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