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Insurgent Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • Tris isn't bleeding. She's not sure what shot her. Maybe this is just an impromptu game of paintball? Do those actually happen?
  • Some people did die, and Tris takes a Dauntless armband from a body so that she can blend in.
  • Uriah shows up and encourages Tris to run, but she wants to find out what's going on first. She heads to the second floor to look for the Divergent.
  • Sure enough, they're rounding up the Divergent like cattle. Tris manages to help a little girl run away, but she gets caught by Eric, the guy whose defining characteristic is that he's totally evil.
  • Tris almost escapes from Eric by using her patented foot-stomping move (surely learned from watching Miss Congeniality two hundred times), but Eric overpowers her.
  • Tris is not afraid, even though she has a gun pressed to her head. She has a knife in her pocket.

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