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Insurgent Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

  • Tris wakes up still feeling guilty about shooting Will.
  • Tris still has the gun that did it, too. (Well, guns don't kill people, Beatrice Prior kills people, but that's a debate for another day.)
  • Tris shoves the gun under her mattress.
  • Another thing to hide: the hard drive with the attack simulation data on it. Tris puts it between the dresser and the wall.
  • Tobias comes in and calls Tris "Beatrice." She gets all mad, as if he called her a cow or something.
  • Tobias tells Tris that there's an Amity meeting in a half hour.
  • Tris goes to get showered. Susan is in the bathroom and also calls her Beatrice when she sees her. Tris murders her with a shiv fashioned from her toothbrush.
  • Just kidding. Tris doesn't care that Susan calls her Beatrice. Guess it only bothers her when big stinky boys do it.
  • Susan gives Tris some clothes and helps her do her hair. Tris's shoulder injury keeps her from doing it herself.
  • After Susan intricately braids Tris's hair, she leaves.
  • Tris, overcome with sorrow over the death of her mother, decides to pull a Felicity and chop off all her hair.
  • When Tobias and Caleb come to get Tris, they address a few hot topics: Tris's new Halle Berry 'do; whether or not Tobias is "with" Tris; and the fact that Tobias is Marcus's son, but no one knows it.
  • At the Amity meeting, the Amity decide to "remain impartial and uninvolved" (2.95). Tobias thinks their desire for peace is beautiful. Tris thinks it's "bizarre" (2.83).
  • The Amity decide to establish a safe house, but if anyone gets physical (as in violent, not as in Olivia Newton-John), they will be kicked out.
  • Tris remembers the gun under her mattress and realizes that she and Tobias won't be able to stick around long.

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