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Insurgent Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

  • Before heading off to eavesdrop on Jack, Tris realizes that Tobias is trying to prove himself to the Dauntless… but why?
  • Glad you asked. It's because he wants Dauntless to ally with the factionless.
  • Tris figures all this out in her head and gets mad that Tobias never told her his plan.
  • Tris gets distracted thinking about how hot Tobias is… at least until he opens his mouth and basically tells her that he expects her to stay home like a 1950s housewife and let him do all the dirty work.
  • After this lovers' spat, everyone gets into position on the bridge for some super-spy eavesdropping. They listen in as Jack meets with Max, Jeanine's representative.
  • Max says that Candor, Jack's faction, is expendable (like Sylvester Stallone), but he'll be nice and not eradicate them all if they do three things for him: 1) Return the Dauntless leader (Eric) unharmed; 2) Allow the compound to be searched for Divergent, and 3) Bring him a Double Stack and Chocolate Frosty from Wendy's for lunch every day.
  • No, wait, we mean 3) Name the people who weren't injected with simulation serum.
  • The conversation between Max and Jeanine is cut short when Lynn shoots Max. Um, that's not how eavesdropping works, Lynn.
  • Everyone scatters, and Tris realizes that Jeanine must be nearby, transmitting what to say to Max through an earpiece. (When Max got shot, did Jeanine say "Ouch"?)
  • Tris races for a glass building where she thinks Jeanine is hiding.
  • Tris is right. Jeanine is there… with Peter. What a traitor.
  • Before she can do anything to Peter or Jeanine, Tris hears a scream. She decides to go help her friends instead of pursuing Jeanine.

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