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Insurgent Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • The scream was from Shauna, who got shot.
  • Good thing Tris came by to help. Everyone else carries Shauna while Tris follows and admires the muscular structure of Tobias's back. ("Just making sure no one sneaks up on us. Like, you know, the bad guys I just let escape.")
  • After getting Shauna to a doctor, Tobias tries to convince Tris to stop recklessly risking her life. He says he can't love her when she's doing that. Tris doesn't know what to do.
  • Tris goes to talk to Tori and see what she found out about while she was spying.
  • Tori says that Jeanine has a laboratory and… that's it. She hasn't really found out too much because all she wants to do is kill Jeanine. Critical thinking doesn't seem to be Tori's forte.
  • The Dauntless don't want Jack Kang making deals with Erudite, so they call a meeting.
  • The Dauntless want to execute Eric and return to their headquarters, but first they need a new leader.
  • Tori, Tris, Harrison (whoever that is), and Tobias are nominated.
  • Tris decides to reject the nomination, so the other three are made Dauntless leaders. Why can't presidential elections be this easy?

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