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Insurgent Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

  • This is Eric's head. This is Eric's head with a bullet through it. Any questions?
  • Eric's dead, and Jack Kang is shocked because now he can't meet one of the demands, which was to return Eric to Jeanine. She probably doesn't want the boy for his corpse.
  • All the Dauntless run to Dauntless headquarters to reclaim it.
  • But first, impromptu paintball fight. No, really: we know we snarked about this in chapter 15, but it really happens: a paintball fight breaks out. And these people are in charge of the safety of the city? Can we request a transfer?
  • They're supposed to be shooting paint over the security cameras (is unplugging them too difficult?), but they get carried away and shoot each other instead. Um, fun?

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