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Insurgent Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

  • Tris sits at the lunch table thinking about her old friends and wondering where they went. Um, Tris, you shot one of them, remember?
  • Tris's new friends show up and immediately start bickering. Lynn is angry that Uriah and Marlene are making googly eyes at each other all the time. What, does she have a crush on Uriah or something? (Spoiler alert: No, no she doesn't.)
  • Tobias comes in and pulls Tris away for a private conversation about his fear landscape. (No, this is not a come-on.) He says that Marcus is still a part of it… and now Tris is. He's afraid of watching her die.
  • After that revelation, Tobias says he wants Tris to come with him to a meeting with Evelyn (his mom) and Edward (ol' one-eye) to "read the situation" (25.26), because she is "far more perceptive than most" (25.34).
  • Tris and Tobias hitch a ride to the meeting, where Evelyn and Tobias discuss forming an alliance. What is this, Survivor?
  • Evelyn wants to give the factionless a place in government and destroy all the Erudite data. In return, she'll throw all the manpower of the factionless behind Dauntless.
  • After the meeting, Ms. Perceptive tells Tobias that she doesn't trust Evelyn.
  • Tobias says, "Don't talk about my mother that way" (25.107).
  • Tris jumps off the train ahead of him and runs away. So much for him trusting her judgment, huh?

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