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Insurgent Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

  • Tris is shaken awake. Someone tells her to get up, shut up, and run. So she does… before she even figures out who is ordering her around.
  • It turns out to be Christina. There's a simulation. Marlene, Hector, and someone Tris doesn't know are standing on the edge of a building.
  • The simulation speaks through Marlene: "This is not a negotiation. This is a warning […] Every two days until one of you [Divergent] delivers yourself to Erudite headquarters, this will happen again" (26.28).
  • And they jump off the building.
  • Knowing she can only save one of them, Tris saves Hector, Lynn's brother. Marlene and no-name splat on the pavement.
  • Tris decides she can't bear to see anyone else go kersplat, so she decides to turn herself in.

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