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Insurgent Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

  • Tris paces around and wonders what time it is. It might be 4:00. It might be 5:00… who knows? This feels like a weird Christopher Guest skit.
  • Finally, Peter comes to take Tris to Jeanine. They walk down a hallway.
  • Then another hallway.
  • Then another one.
  • And one more.
  • Tris is so disoriented after three turns that she doubts she'll ever find her way back. Someone get this girl a GPS.
  • Finally, they enter a room with a table in it, and Jeanine reveals that she's going to study Tris... and then execute her.
  • That was the whole point of this escapade. Peter walks Tris back to her room.
  • Later, they take her to a different room, this one with an MRI machine inside.
  • Tris convinces them to let her see the brain scans, and she hops into the machine.
  • Peter escorts Tris to another room to read the results. It's like the Academy Award nomination announcements, except… not.
  • It turns out that Tris has a much larger lateral prefrontal cortex than normal. In fact, it's "one of the largest lateral prefrontal cortexes" (29.88) Jeanine has ever seen. We'd like to pit her against Celine from Summer Heights High and see how they compare.
  • In her room, Tris cries that Tobias is going to die with her. She asks Peter to help, but he doesn't want to help a crybaby like her.

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