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Insurgent Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

  • Turn on the waterworks. Tris cries in her cell.
  • Before she can fill the room with water and drown, she's taken to another room that looks like a dentist's office. Too bad she doesn't have her watch on, or she might realize that it's 2:30. (Tooth-hurty! Har har har!)
  • Tris is put in a chair and injected with a serum that causes her to hallucinate that she's riding the bus with her mother.
  • Tris's mom tells her that Erudite will help them. "Take care to remember" (30.44), she says.
  • Tris knows this is a brainwashing simulation, so she goes all Carrie and blows up the bus with her mind.
  • "You'll have to do better than that" (30.54), Tris says to Jeanine, who responds, "That was only the beginning" (30.55).

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