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Insurgent Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

  • Tris still wonders what time it is, but Peter won't tell her. Why are there no clocks here? What is this, a casino? An airplane bathroom?
  • Later, Peter drags Tris back to the execution chamber. This time there's a special guest: Tobias. Come on down, Tobias You're the next contestant on Brainwashing Extravaganza.
  • Jeanine orders Tobias to tell her all the information about the factionless safe houses or else… or else she'll inject Tris right in front of him.
  • Tobias wants to know what the injection does. Well, it will induce a hallucination that is really, really scary.
  • Jeanine performs the injection. Tris ends up hallucinating the entire Smurfs 2 movie. The screams are deafening.
  • Okay, it's not that scary: Tris smells rotting flesh and starts screaming.
  • Tobias gives Jeanine the info she wants, and Tris is injected with a sedative.
  • Before Tris is given the A-Okay to leave the room, Jeanine reveals who the little snitch is who told her all of Tris's secrets—such as that little tidbit about Tris having the aptitude for three factions.
  • It was Caleb. Gasp. Bro, how could you?

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