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Insurgent Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

  • Caleb wakes up Tris, and she immediately starts interrogating him about that time he decided to betray their family.
  • Caleb says he "did what I had to do" (33.7), but isn't that what traitors always say?
  • Caleb tries to tell Tris that their dad was Erudite, too, but she won't listen because, as a Dauntless, she sees everything in black and white.
  • Jeanine sweeps in to show Tris some more results of her brain scan. She drones on about mirror neurons and about how this discovery will allow her to develop a new simulation serum.
  • After the page break, Tris gets woken up again (that's twice in this chapter; this girl is a heavy sleeper).
  • This time, it's Tobias who tells her that they have to run.
  • There's running and shooting and lots of action, when Tris realizes this is yet another simulation.
  • Tris has a knife in her hand, so she stabs herself with it and wakes up.
  • Jeanine is frustrated and screams like she just got killed for the 99th time in Super Mario Bros.
  • Tris laughs and laughs. It's "a mad laugh" (33.75) because she feels that she has finally won—not Mario, but whatever game of manipulation and willpower she thinks she's playing with Jeanine.

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