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Insurgent Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

  • Oh wait, there's still over a hundred pages left. The main character can't die, right?
  • Peter rolls Tris's body out of the lab for the autopsy.
  • Peter runs into Tobias, who almost starts crying immediately that dead girl is Tris.
  • But Tris isn't really dead. It was all a trick.
  • Peter and Tobias and Tris run away and drop down the incinerator chute. Let's hope Peter does a better job at turning off incinerators than the entire group of Dauntless is at blocking security cameras.
  • Tris, Peter, and Tobias survive the slide and escape the building.
  • Tris wonders why Peter saved her, and he says he did it because he "can't be in anyone's debt" (36.67). It's not at all because he cares about her, okay? He definitely makes that clear.
  • Tris, who all of a sudden considers herself an authority on life, cannot believe that Peter lives this way. "That isn't life. It's some paler version of life" (36.76). Yes, because Tris's life, which she was ready to throw away two chapters ago, is so rich and sun-kissed and cherished…
  • They all retreat to the Abnegation sector, specifically Tobias's old house.
  • Inside Tobias's room, Tris cries because everyone in her family is either dead or a traitor.
  • Tobias says he'll be Tris's family, and she says she loves him. Bonus points for saying it out loud while he's awake, Tris.
  • Tobias makes Tris say it again before he says, "I love you, too" (36.114). Cue "aww" track from the audience.

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