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Insurgent Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

  • Cara (Will's sister) and the nice Erudite members tell Tris that there's no need to put the data she wants on a disc. She can store it in the cloud. Well, they call it a "data network" (40.5), but that's basically what it is.
  • The Erudite decide to play the Q to Tris's James Bond and give her some nifty gadgets. One shatters windows, and the other is basically a taser.
  • Tris is warned that "it would be extremely painful, and then it would disable you" (40.47) if she touched it.
  • On the way to the city, Tris asks Fernando, an Erudite, if he knew Caleb. He did, and he tells Tris not to judge him too harshly.

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