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Insurgent Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

  • After scurrying around to find a ladder in a comedy of errors rivaling the worst Benny Hill video, Tris and company find a ladder (and immediately knock Fernando's glasses off with it) to cross between two buildings.
  • Fernando tucks his glasses into his pocket and gets out the glass-breaking device (what, no fancy nickname? We'll call it the Opera Singer).
  • Tris doesn't feel confident enough to throw the Opera Singer because of her injured arm.
  • Christina chucks it, and the fat lady (the device, not Christina) sings, shattering all the windows on the building across the way.
  • Tris and company put the ladder between the buildings and cross. Tris goes first and almost falls, but she makes it.
  • Fernando is the last to cross. His glasses fall out of his pocket, attracting the attention of all the armed Candor below. They shoot him. ("You wouldn't shoot a man with glass… oh, yeah, I'm not wearing them. Argh.") And he dies.

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