Study Guide

Insurgent Chapter 45

By Veronica Roth

Chapter 45

  • Tris races into the lab to find that Tori is already there first, and she's beating the snot out of Jeanine.
  • Tori is all, "Say my brother's name!" And Jeanine is like, "Ow!" And Tori's like, "My brother's name isn't Ow!"
  • Tris tries to stop Tori from shooting Jeanine by knocking the gun out of her hands.
  • Tris and Tori scuffle. Tori calls Tris a traitor.
  • Tris tries to tell Tori (say that five times fast) that Jeanine's data is hidden on the computer, and they'll never be able to get to it if Jeanine is dead. Jeanine doesn't seem the type to use her birth date or cat's name for her password.
  • Well, Tori doesn't care about data. She only cares about death, because she's Dauntless, so she stabs Jeanine in the gut and says "George Wu" (45.41), which is either Tori's brother's name or Dauntless slang for "Die, scum."

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