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Insurgent Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

  • Tobias and Uriah choose this moment to come in.
  • Tori tells them Tris has turned traitor, which totally trashes their trust.
  • Tobias tells Tris to tell the truth.
  • Tris tries, but since the truth involved Tobias's father, whom he hates, he doesn't believe her.
  • So Tris tells Tobias that she knows he never loved her. If he did love her, he'd believe her and support her in her quest for this mysterious information.
  • Tobias and Uriah take Tris away. She spends a few pages thinking about everything that just went down. How did Jeanine trigger the simulation in which she fought herself? How did Tori get past it? Is she Divergent? When will there be cake?
  • Christina is fine, but Lynn is not. She shows up with a gaping wound in her stomach.
  • A doctor tells them that if they hadn't been so reckless (which, at this point, might as well be a synonym for Dauntless), and if they hadn't destroyed the hospital for no reason, they could have saved Lynn. But instead she'll die.
  • Lynn says "I'm a lesbian!" right before she dies. Well, not exactly, but she confesses her love for Marlene and then croaks. Um, nice try at inclusion, Veronica Roth?

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