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Insurgent Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

  • Tris wonders if she'll be executed as a traitor.
  • Tori, Harrison (that other Dauntless leader who hasn't actually had a line of dialogue), and a Dauntless carrying Jeanine's lifeless corpse come in.
  • Johanna is there, and Tori is pretty much like, "Welcome to the new age." She says that there will be a new political system, and that Amity will not be a part of it but will still be expected to produce and deliver food, which is fitting for the worthless slaves they are.
  • Yeah, this plan is turning out well.
  • Johanna says that "sometimes the people you oppress become mightier than you would like" (47.21). She must have gotten that line from a Tarantino flick. One of the really bloody ones.
  • Before the members of Tori's new regime can don their armbands, Evelyn sweeps in to give her the what-for.
  • Since Evelyn and the factionless outnumber everyone else, she decides that she is in charge… and that no factions will exist.
  • Evelyn even made sure to disarm the Dauntless right after the conflict. They're not so tough without their guns, are they?
  • Anyone who helped take down Erudite will be rewarded. Anyone who didn't will be punished.
  • Almost on cue, Tobias, Marcus, and Caleb march in with "the information that will change everything" (47.55). What is it? The book for the new Harry Potter stage production?
  • Tobias, Marcus, and Caleb managed to hack into the computer system and retrieve a video in which a woman named Amanda Ritter tells them that the outside world is in shambles and everyone has been placed inside this gated off city to correct human nature. She tells them "you are the cure" (47.71).
  • "Amanda" continues: "We have formed your society in a particular way in the hope that you will rediscover the moral sense most of us have lost. Over time, we hope that you will begin to change as most of us cannot" (47.72).
  • Those awesome highly evolved people are known as… Divergent! Dun dun dun.
  • As if that wasn't revelation enough, "Amanda" says that she will shirk her identity and join them… as Edith Prior.
  • EDITH?!
  • Oh wait, that's not the shocking part. PRIOR?! That's Tris's last name.
  • That means Tris is a descendant of one of the original founders of the city. Holy cow. What's going to happen?
  • You'll have to read the next book to find out.

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